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Unlike their parents, baby boomers can't count on employer sponsored pensions to support them upon retirements. These savers will have to come up with another way to ensure financial security for retirement. With over 76 million boomers forecast to reach the age of retirement* (65) in the next 10 years, brokers have an incredible opportunity to educate their clients on the benefits of annuities. At Booth Brokerage, LLC., we'll provide you with the concepts that meet the individual needs of your clients and quality products you can trust from over 20 carriers.

Advanced marketing concepts

  • 412(e)(3)
  • IRA Arbitrage
  • SPIA Funded Life
  • Charitable Legacy Planning
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Executive Benefit Planning
  • Credit Shelter Max
  • Pension Exit Strategies
  • Stretch IRA
  • Fixed Income Replacement


Annuities allow clients to achieve their diverse financial and retirement goals. Their benefits appeal to a broad client base including those looking for safety, tax-deferral, guaranteed interest rates, principal protection and potential stock market type gains. Booth Brokerage, LLC offers you the right tools to analyze your clients' needs and find the product that would best match them, regardless of the interest rate environment.


  • Single Premium Deferred Annuity
  • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Flexible Premium Deferred
  • Single Premium Deferred
  • Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity
  • Bonus Annuities
  • Rated Age Immediate Annuities